A step beyond the photographic makeover, digital airbrushing adds an extra dimension to the flawless look.

You only need to browse through the numerous selections of glossy magazines to see the latest stars of the film and music world honed to perfection.

Good grooming and professional makeup application are all important in achieving that look.
Correct lighting and camera angles play their part but sometimes we have those little imperfections that even the best makeup application and photographic techniques can't take care of on their own.

Photographic airbrushing is used widely in magazines to enhance portraits.
It's even possible to change the shape of noses, ears, eyes - the whole face.

We offer the additional service of digital airbrushing to complement your photographic makeover or wedding photography.
We can also digitally enhance your own images on request.
Take a look at some examples of what can be achieved:

Holly, seen here before her photo shoot wearing some light makeup, has a lovely face.
As a teenager she is prone to the odd spot and blemish.

Notice the difference digital airbrushing can make to the photograph.

 Before makeover              Airbrush spot removal                                                    

     Before Makeover       Airbrush spot removal

This is Holly after her makeover. Her complexion has been evened and blemishes covered
but concealer will only disguise, not remove imperfections no matter how well it is applied.
See what digital airbrushing can do to give that extra bit of help.

After makeover

Full airbrushing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

        After Makeover                        Airbrushed      

Sheena looked great after her makeover but as a more mature lady, those little lines still show.
Here's how we smoothed them out for her.
 Before airbrushing Line removal after airbrushing                                          
            Before                                  After

Not to leave the men out, here's how subtle airbrushing gives a finishing touch
while still keeping that masculine look. 
Man before airbrushing  Man after airbrushing

             Before                                Airbrushed


Our prices are very competitive.
Prices are per service for one image.
You can pick as few or as many of the services for your one image as you need.

Spot/blemish removal £3

Wrinkle reduction £3

Teeth/eye whitening £3

Full facial airbrush complexion enhancement £7

Tattoo cover from  £10