V&A Creative Moments provides a makeover service that can leave you looking as glamorous as a cover girl - camera and make-up working in perfect harmony to bring out the very best in your appearance.

We've all looked at the faces adorning the covers of glossy magazines. Before makeover
The reason those models appear to have such a flawless complexion,
and photogenic looks, is due largely to the care and attention that goes
into their make-up and photo shoot.
Our makeovers can be adapted to suit women of any age and of course, having that 'cover look' doesn't mean lots of heavy make-up.
Make-up can be applied to give a natural healthy glow or we can step it
up for a more sophisticated style.

At your sitting Valerie will go over your usual make-up routine
and create a look, depending on your preferences, using products from
top cosmetics houses. 
                                                                                                            Before Makeover    
Before the shoot, wash and style your hair just as you would for an              
evening out
 - we don't cut or style hair.After makeover
Allan will guide you into exactly the right angles to bring out your most photogenic features.

Sessions should take 1½ - 2 hours, which includes a 1 - 1½ hour photoshoot. 
Family and friends are welcome to take part but time for individual shots will be limited.

See our section on Digital Photo Airbrushing for some additional  

                                                                                                               After Makeover 

Where lipstick is concerned, the important thing is not the colour but to accept natures final word on where your lips end"